The Bare Essentials For Starting A Podcast

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PodcastMotor-07222015When you think of podcasting, you probably assume that there is a lot of expensive equipment required to record, edit and publish the content. However, many of the current podcasting superstars started out with very little and have since improved upon their equipment as finances have allowed.

You could do the same.

All you really need are the bare essentials to get the ball rolling. You probably wouldn’t be surprised that some of the necessities are not related to equipment or software but talents that you already possess.

So what are the bare essentials for starting a podcast? Find out here.

1. An Idea

Before you think about buying equipment, you need an idea. This idea could be rather simple: you might want to help businesses in your local region learn how to manage their finances or how to run their social media. It doesn’t matter what that idea is as long as you can be sure that your target audience will enjoy it.

2. A Computer

Recording and editing your podcast is mostly going to be done on a computer. It doesn’t have to be a desktop, laptops are perfectly sufficient for the task. However, you will need one that has adequate resources to complete your podcasts. Editing software can be slow if your computer isn’t a good speed and certain software packages require equipment that is more up to date than you might have access to.

3. A Microphone

You could, in theory, use the microphone that is embedded into your laptop or computer already. However, there are limits to their sound quality. You want to have a high quality microphone so you know that listeners aren’t going to be straining to hear what you are saying. Microphones aren’t too expensive. Some of them cost just a few dollars while others can set you back a couple of hundred, but in the long term, the more expensive options could be a good investment.

4. Recording And Editing Software

Professional recording and editing software is essential when it comes to producing a high quality podcast. You’ll want to insert an introduction and interlude music into the podcast and will need to edit out awkward silences and unnecessary background noise, for example someone accidently walking into the recording room. One of the best software packages available is Audacity. It is free and is used by numerous podcasts across the world.

5. A Plan

So you have an idea, you have the equipment, but do you have a plan on how you are going to use it all? A plan is essential if you want to produce a consistent show. In your plan, detail the length of your podcast, if guests are going to appear, who the guests will be, what are you going to talk about on each episode and how you are going to promote your content. With all this information, each episode will seem like breeze.

6. A Host

Your website isn’t going to be the best place to host your podcast. You might want to consider other options for user experience and marketing power. One obvious choice is iTunes as they own so much of the market. However, there are other options that might be better suited to your podcasts’ needs.


Stripping everything down, starting a podcast isn’t an expensive enterprise, although if you want everything to be professionally developed – it could be, though it is important to realise that the most important elements are completely up to you. Without an idea or a plan, your podcast will never get off the ground.

What do you want to add to our list? Have you started a podcast with less?

Let us know in the comments.

Take Action:

  • Start your podcast today, even if you don’t have all the equipment.