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PodcastMotor Academy

Ready to take your show to the next level? We're sharing years worth of experience working with some of the top podcasters in iTunes in this free video and email course.
  • How to identify your Ideal Listener
  • Create beautiful sounding audio
  • Build a Platform to Engage with Your Audience
  • The Perfect Podcast Launch Sequence
  • How to Monetize Your Show

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Podcast Editing Services

Put your podcast on autopilot and let a team of professionals handle all of the hard work. We take care of all of the audio editing, show note writing, and transcription for your show so you can focus on creating great content.

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Podcast Launch Package

Launch your new show with the pros. We walk you step-by-step through every aspect of the launch process, coach you on how to launch with a bang, and take care of everything your new podcast needs. Done for you podcast launching is here!

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Podcast Hosting

Whether through our Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin integration, our beautifully designed, customizable media player, or world class playback analytics, the suite of tools at Castos will make podcasting a dream for you.

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