Podcast Opportunities

How to Produce Podcasts That Create Innovative New Opportunities

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Podcast Opportunities

Podcasting is a medium that offers many benefits. Producing a podcast can allow you to reach new audiences, make money, and have extraordinary networking success.

Having a podcast allows your voice to be heard, but it also pushes the boundaries of blogging and opens doors to new opportunities.

Be Consistent and Keep Improving

Pat Flynn

On Pat Flynn’s Podcast Tutorial Page he talks about some of the opportunities that podcasting has opened up for him. These include being the number one way that people find his blog, being asked to consult on a Hollywood film, book offers, and being featured in a local Fox News segment.

He has been podcasting since 2010 and has a popular blog. He also has been continually honing his craft, networking with big name guests, and has a compelling story. Personally, podcasting has improved his confidence and speaking skills.

Connect in a Deeper Way and Make It Personal

Darren Rowse

In Episode 167 of the ProBlogger Podcast Darren Rowse talks about how starting his podcast was one of the best things that he has done. This episode was actually about procrastination, but he touched on some of the positive benefits that podcasting has had on his already popular blog.

He has had over 1.9 million downloads, but he feels all of the new opportunities have even more value. He feels that podcasting is such a personal medium. His listener emails are now like conversations where his listeners know him in a much deeper way.

“What other medium allows you to whisper directly in someone’s ear each week.” Darren Rowse

Seize the Moment and Be Ready for Opportunities

Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell is a full stack web developer with a focus on Microsoft Azure & Office 365. He is also an entrepreneur and a podcaster. He started his Andrew Connell blog in 2003 and it has a strong following.

In 2009, he started a weekly podcast called the Microsoft Cloud Show which he co-hosts with developer Chris Johnson. Andrew says that the podcast has opened up a ton of opportunities. They have sponsors that bring in cash, but the business opportunities and exposure have been invaluable.

Last year they broadcast a live show from one of Microsoft’s biggest annual conferences. This not only bumped up their listener base, but it provided new opportunities to broadcast at other conferences. They have created a bit of a subculture of listeners, and it has been tons of fun.

“People come up at events and say how much they love the show and the interaction.”  Andrew Connell

Build Your Own Personal Empire and Grow Your Brand

Katie Wyatt

Katie Wyatt runs the entrepreneur and personal branding podcast Empire By Design and the Podcast Empires Website where entrepreneurs, personal brands, and businesses can amplify and grow through podcasting.

Katie says that the doors opened through podcasting have been countless. High-end clients have found her through podcasting, she has sold programs and been offered speaking gigs.

She spoke at We Are Podcast which was Australia’s first podcasting conference, and she has spoken at the Artful Business Conference two years in a row. Katie’s podcast focuses on training, skill building, and creating a personal empire.

“I believe that podcasting is one of the best ways to develop the know, like and trust factor with your ideal audience – it’s why I’m so passionate about doing it and teaching it!” Katie Wyatt

Bring Your Friends Along and Leverage Your Existing Assets

Design Podcast

Decorating Tips and Tricks is a podcast about inspiring you to create a beautiful home. This podcast is hosted by three friends who are also design bloggers and authors.

They are Anita Joyce who blogs at Cedar Hill Farmhouse, Yvonne Pratt who blogs at Stone Gable American Farmhouse Living, and Kelly Wilkniss who blogs at My Soulful Home.

Even though this is a newer podcast, they have already over 100,000 downloads. They attribute this success to all three hosts promoting the podcast on their already established blogs and social channels, and regularly ranking in the top ten on iTunes in the design category.

Besides their early success and the fun that they are having podcasting, they love how podcasting is a much more intimate way to engage with their audience.

“The art of conversation most definitely ups the personal factor and creates connections the other formats simply cannot.” Kelly Clifford Wilkniss

“Recording with Kelly and Yvonne is so much fun. It’s given us all a renewal of energy for our brands and blogs. The podcast fits hand in glove with our blogs because we do blog posts based on the discussions.” Anita Joyce

“Our podcast has a relaxed “let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat” feel to it. We are all such great friends and respect one another’s design chops. But we also get down to business to pack as much decorating tips, tricks, and advice into a thirty-minute time frame.” Yvonne Pratt

Assess and Adjust Instead of Giving Up

No Extra Words Podcast

Kris Dersch runs two podcasts one is a literary fiction podcast called No Extra Words and the other is a women’s baseball podcast called Attagirl. Podcasting has opened many doors for Kris including a book proposal, interesting partnerships, creative connections, and a starring role in one of her contributor’s short stories.

Kris always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t have a lot of time and didn’t want to be a blogger. She realized a flash fiction podcast would be the perfect medium and No Extra Words was born.

She almost shut down No Extra Words in 2016, because she was producing weekly episodes, trying to write, and fulfill all of life’s obligations. Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up all of the benefits of podcasting, she cut down her production schedule to every two weeks.

“I find it is easy to create creative partnerships. The phrase “I have a podcast, would you like to participate?” has opened a lot of doors.” Kris Dersch

Sharing Your Personal Story and Personal Development

Julie Neale

Julie Lieberman Neale created her podcast, Mother’s Quest, as a 45th birthday present to herself. Julie uses her podcast to fully live her E.P.I.C. life. Which to her means engaged, passionate, invested, and connected.

She uses podcasting as a tool for self-development sharing her personal journey. She says that she has interviewed incredible guests who have said yes to being on her podcast.

Don’t Be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There

Damona Hoffman

Damona Hoffman is the host of Dates & Mates a podcast and radio show. Her show focuses on love in the modern world and features weekly advice, relationship experts, and celebrity guests who talk romance and share juicy details of their love lives.

Damona is now hosting her 2nd TV series which she believes would’ve never happened without starting a podcast with a video stream four years ago. If you are not afraid to put yourself out there it can lead to bigger things.  

Podcasting can open doors and lead to exciting new opportunities. No matter what your subject matter or your end goals, having a consistent podcast can lead to new and unexpected opportunities.

All you have to do is focus on improving your show and making adjustments when needed. This should enable you to grow your brand and connect with your audience in a more meaningful way. Good things can happen if you put yourself out there.