Build a new way to bring your Company together

Creating an internal private podcast for your company is hands down the best way to keep your team connected, encourage discussion between business units, and highlight the new stars in your organization.

Redefine what being a modern leader means

Internal Podcasts are company leaders' new best friend

Your team is inundated with Slack messages, emails, and internal updates all day. Now you can give them a way to consume an entirely new form of content about company culture and vision when, where, and how they want.

Giving your employees a platform

Team first communication

Creating an internal, private podcast for your company can turn the traditional top-down approach to communication on its head. Giving your team members a voice directly in the culture of the company can do amazing things for workplace morale, engagement, and inter-team communication.

recruit and onboard like never before

your HR team's unfair advantage has arrived

These days attracting and keeping top talent is hard. You need a better way to communicate the core values of your organization in a way that modern candidates can relate to. A podcast focused at candidates and new hires will do exactly that.

You're not in this alone

here's how we can help

Refining the Concept

We help you define exactly what your podcast is about, who it's for and what "Success" looks like for your show.

Get you the gear

We ship you all of the hardware you need to create studio-quality recordings for your show.

Done for you setup

Distributing a private podcast isn't like a conventional show. We set this all up for you, so you don't have to do the research.

Ongoing editing and production

You record the episodes, we take care of everything else. Audio editing, show notes, and publishing.

distribution planning

Now that you have the content created how are you going to engage your internal audience? We help you create a rollout plan for your private podcast.

Continued Coaching

The work is not done on launch day, it's just the beginning. Our team regularly reviews your progress and offers tips on how you can improve.

Craig Hewitt

Founder and Podcast Director

Joy Bernardo

Program Manager

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