Share Your Experiences to Help other Business Owners harness the Power of Podcasting in their businesses.

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Our Target Audience

Our audience is mostly business owners who are looking to get into podcasting, or have an existing show and are looking for ways to enhance their show as a form of content marketing.  These are largely online businesses or personalities who use podcasting as one of several forms of Content Marketing in their business.  They’re typically savvy marketers, but may not be the most up to date with the best practices of podcasting.

What Do They Need

Your knowledge.  And Inspiration. All of us have very different stories to tell and through each story there are nuggets of wisdom that will connect with each listeners.  Whether it’s a particular success you’ve had recently, or things you’ve tried that hasn’t quite worked it’s all important to share.

Our listeners are keen to create genuine and long lasting connections with their audiences, and very much value transparency over gimmicks or ‘strategies’.

As business owners we’re always looking for great ways to connect with our target audience.  I’m sure you’d agree that a podcast is a great way to do that.  Our goal is to share great ways to do that with listeners in types of businesses and industries.

Previous Episodes

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What To Expect

Click on the Button above to schedule a time to chat with me about your show.  From there you will receive a calendar invite for the selected time.

In addition to scheduling a time please be prepared to share the following:

  • The biggest success you’ve had with your show in the past 3 months
  • One thing you tried on your podcast that did not resonate with your audience
  • How you connect your podcast back to your greater business
  • The best marketing channel you’ve found for spreading the word about your show
  • How you engage with your listeners in between episodes

If you have anything else you’d like to share on the show please shoot me a message at

I look forward to catching up with you soon on The Business of Podcasting.