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The truth is building just any podcast isn't hard.  But creating an unforgettable podcast takes a lot of thought, the right gear and setup, and a well executed plan. These are the shows well all know and love.  The ones we can't wait to release a new episode.  

But how to create that type of loyal following for your new show?​

At PodcastMotor we've helped dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses, and professional podcasters launch their shows.  Along the way we've seen first hand what works, and what doesn't.  

The fact is there IS a Right Way and a Wrong Way to build and launch a podcast.  How to tell the difference between all of the noise and confusing things you read online?  What sources can you trust with such an important decision?

We believe that we are in a unique place to share the knowledge we've accumulated in the past 2 years working with some really amazing podcasters.  It is our pleasure to be able to give back to the podcasting community in this way.  To teach you what we've learned about the Right Way to Create Your Podcast.

Your time is valuable, right?  What does it really cost you to wade through the masses of information from dozens of different sources online claiming to know the best way to start a podcast?  There's a big difference between someone doing it the first time, and working alongside a trusted partner who has helped dozens of top companies, influencers, and brands launch incredible shows.

The goal of Launch In A Week is simple:  We want to give you the surest and most straight forward path to launching a great podcast, in just 7 days.  The formula we've built for the past 2 years at PodcastMotor is now available to you.  You can benefit from the lessons we've learned (good and bad) and shortcut your way to a great podcast.

Truth be told podcasting has a pretty high barrier to entry.  You can't just sit down at your laptop and start creating content the way you can with blogging.  There are just a lot of moving parts to it.  And getting these all right is important if you want to launch a successful show.  Inside Launch In A Week we'll show you:

  • What microphone to use, and why
  • How to identify your Ideal Listener Avatar and Structure your Podcast Persona
  • How to record, edit, and publish your audio files
  • What the Perfect Podcast Recipe is, and how to craft your own
  • How to set up your podcast on the major media hosting platforms
  • Where to submit your podcast RSS feed, and how to set your show up for the best podcast SEO possible
  • How to launch your show and grow your audience

Put all of these together and you're heading down the path of becoming an incredible podcaster.  What a great chance to take the shortcut, the proven path from a team that's done this dozens of times with out customers, and seen what works, what doesn't, what will make your life easy, and what decisions you'll regret down the road.  

Launch In A Week is the product I wish I had when I started podcasting more than 2 years ago. It would have saved me countless hours, headaches, and a few gray hairs!

Learn From the Best

We've worked with some of the top podcasters in iTunes, and now we're sharing their keys to success with you.
Audio Gear and Site Setup

Duration: 15m

Learn how to create studio quality audio at home, and how to set up your website for your podcast.

The Perfect Podcast Recipe

Duration: 10m

​Copy our exact step-by-step recipe for creating the Perfect Podcast episode, every time.

Launching Your Podcast

Duration: 13m

How to create a valid podcast RSS Feed and submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher.

Podcast Theming and Audience Personas

Duration: 8m

Who is your podcast for, and What is it's purpose? Answering these two questions is THE key to success.

Recording Your First Episode

Duration: 15m

Discover the simple strategy for recording great sounding audio, without spending a fortune on gear.

Grow Your Audience

Duration: 11m

Launching your show is only half the process. Get the word out to your audience and grow your listenership.

About Me...

Learn How to Podcast from the leaders in Podcast Production. I've been fortunate enough to work right along side not only some incredible podcasters, but also some wonderful business owners, marketers, and influencers who have shown us more than a thing or two about podcasting.  Through this we've gained a beautifully diverse perspective on what makes a good podcast, and what you should avoid.  

“Building a podcast is easy, but building a great podcast takes a smart plan and the content that your audience is begging for more of.”

Everything You Need to Launch Your Podcast

Almost 2 hours of in depth video tutorials covering everything you need to know to create a great sounding, impactful show for your listeners.

Downloadable worksheets, checklists, and notes on each lesson so you can ensure that your show is professional grade, from the beginning.

A strategic plan to help you build your podcast around your existing content marketing. Whether it's a blog, social media, or YouTube Channel.

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  • Content Marketers who have been wanting to add a podcast to their other content, but don't know where to start
  • Business owners who want to reach their customers in a new way.
  • Coaches and Executives who want to build their reputation and digital footprint
  • Anyone wanting to join the Movement and the best way to share your message with the world


  • Established podcasters who have an existing, successful show
  • Bloggers who are skeptical at the power of podcasting, and think it's a fad
  • Those wanting a done-for-you service that will handle every aspect of their new show (PodcastMotor can help with that too!)
  • Anyone who doesn't love connecting with their audience in a new and exciting way
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