Podcast Trends In 2015

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PodcastMotor-042820152015 is going to be the year of the podcast. There will be more businesses, brands and individuals starting their own podcasts and developing strong relationships with their target audience over this marketing medium.

This isn’t the first year of podcasting and therefore there have been numerous changes in how podcasts are being produced and marketed. In 2015, there are going to be various new trends for those starting their own podcasts to consider.

Here are the new podcast trends and what they mean for you.

1. Less Weekly Podcasts

Podcasts in the past have been produced on a weekly basis. This was fine when there were fewer podcasts available but now there are a greater number of podcasting brands your podcast will be harder to find.

To combat this, those brands who are achieving the most from their podcast campaigns will start to podcast on a daily basis. Some of these brands may even start to podcast more than once a day. While some may believe that audiences won’t have time to listen to a podcast on this frequency, there are a number of engaged audience members who would, especially given that podcasts can be listened to on mobile devices anywhere.

2. Shorter Podcasts

Many podcast producers over the past few years have produced longer episodes, packed full of content. This is in contrast to what will happen in 2015. This year, podcasts will become shorter.

There is because more people are using their mobile devices to listen to podcast shows, rather than on desktops or other devices. Mobile technology performs better when there is less memory taken up, which requires shorter shows. This will also help with ranking on search engines.

There will be a growing trend towards more frequent podcasts. It is hard to produce lengthy podcasts on a daily basis, not to mention that at this level it could be less cost effective. By producing shorter episodes, hosts can remain profitable, meet with audience demands and be more user friendly.

3. More Topical

In the past, podcasts have been produced in advance with the show being published at a predetermined date. This was highly effective when there were fewer podcasts available for audiences. Now that there are more options, audiences are looking for advice that is highly relevant to them and content will be more topical than previous podcast episodes.

Again this is related to shorter podcasts being produced more frequently.

4. Higher Quality

As the number of podcast shows increases, audiences will want to listen to only those of the highest quality. Currently, podcast hosts have made numerous errors that have lowered the quality of podcasts. In the past, audiences may have tolerated these mistakes because there was little option.

But as competition increases, so will quality.

Therefore, audiences will not want to listen to podcasts that have poor audio, Skype message bleeps in the middle of shows and people walking into an office interrupting a recording. This may mean that it can take several takes to record the perfect podcast, but it will improve the overall quality.


Podcasts are going to be a major online marketing avenue in 2015. As the number of podcast shows increases and the platform continues to develop, there will be numerous changes but the above trends are set to make their mark on podcasts in 2015. By adhering to these modifications, your podcast can become more alluring to your target audience.

What podcast trends in 2015 do you predict? Have you already made these changes to your podcast?

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Take Action:

  • Implement some of the above trends in your podcast.

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