BOP 012: Kevin Geary of Rebooted Body Podcast

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BOP 012: Kevin Geary of Rebooted Body Podcast

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Kevin Geary

On today’s episode I’m happy to be talking with Kevin Geary from the Rebooted Body podcast. He has a targeted niche in the Health and fitness and wellness area, which is part of what makes them so successful and sets them apart from the rest of the players. They are committed to real food nutrition, functional movement, and put a heavy emphasis on eating psychology – aligning your behavior with your good intentions.

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Kevin started, the online version, in January 2013. He had always listened to podcasts and thought it would be a great way to attract people, get them on the site, get the information and convert them to programs. Two or three months after their initial launch he jumped into the podcasting arena.

Kevin uses cross promotion of his channels and today he’s closing in on 500,000 lifetime downloads of the podcast, averaging 20,000 downloads a month, and the site gets about 100,000 unique visits per month.

Kevin talks about:

  • How Rebooted Body evolved and his targeted approach to fitness
  • Defining his audience
  • Overcoming challenges in a saturated industry
  • Developing trust with listeners and visitors
  • Funneling into the sales channel
  • Affiliates and advertising

Referenced on the podcast:


Thrive leads

Active Campaign

Dan Carlin

Kevin’s advice for someone getting into podcasting is script what you can. Use bullet points of topics you want to question. When interviewing, “Listen and hone in and you naturally find other questions…That’s how you can make the conversation really flow.” On your own, make it interesting. Use extra audio clips to keep it moving.


Go to to find Kevin, the Facebook group, join the email list and so much more.