BOP015: The Order of Man with Ryan Michler

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BOP015: The Order of Man with Ryan Michler

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Every day sees the birth and death of hundreds of podcasts. Competition in heavily-saturated markets can feel ruthless and overwhelming, leaving new podcasters confused on how to separate themselves from the pack.

Today’s guest on Business of Podcasting saw the popularity of the masculinity genre as an opportunity to build a community instead of as a barrier to his own success, a technique that has helped him thrive in a crowded industry.

Ryan Michler is the host of Order of Man Podcast, a weekly conversation with the world’s most successful men. Ryan’s passion for self-improvement inspired him to create Order of Man, a 5,000+ member community and resource hub for the modern man who wants to improve every area of his life, including (but not limited to) his relationships, businesses, finances, and leadership skills.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ryan Michler and Order of Man
  • How Ryan uses podcasting as a marketing tool
  • Competing within the masculinity market
  • Going from idea to action: how can you help your listeners implement your message?
  • How Ryan used Facebook groups to grow his podcast audience
  • Cannibalizing the group: why Ryan doesn’t play marketing games with his listeners
  • Using click-funnels to connect on a deeper level
  • Targeted demographics
  • Creating content that people actually want
  • Ryan’s advice for new podcasters: have faith in your message


Visit Order of Man to learn how you can become the man you were meant to be.

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