BOP016 – Accidental Podcaster to Absolute Authority with Matt Bodnar

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BOP016 – Accidental Podcaster to Absolute Authority with Matt Bodnar

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Every new podcaster dreams of becoming a runaway success, but how do you grow an audience when you’re starting from scratch? You can spend years on unsuccessful marketing campaigns, accepting shady sponsorships, and interviewing irrelevant guests without ever seeing the download numbers you crave.

Today’s guest on Business of Podcasting is here to share the tips that helped him avoid the frustrating pitfalls many new podcasters face, and the tricks that launched his podcast to the top of the charts.

A self-proclaimed “accidental podcaster”, Matt Bodnar is the host of Science of Success, a podcast that delves into the psychology and neurology behind success. After landing a spot on on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy list, Matt’s podcast now has over 450,000 episode downloads in 100 countries across the world. Bodnar shares his incredible strategies for ramping up your audience, getting the right kind of guest onto your show, and monetizing your podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • An accidental podcaster: Matt Bodnar’s journey
  • How to grow your audience as fast as possible
  • Getting high quality guests on your show: how to attract them and use them to your advantage
  • Increasing your audience by becoming a syndicate and pitching to the media
  • Starting from zero and building a content marketing strategy
  • Setting up a podcast website
  • How Matt uses email marketing for Science of Success
  • Matt Bodnar’s approach to advertising: when and how to monetize the show
  • Building a team around your podcast
  • Matt’s best tip for the rookie and the experienced podcaster


Check out Matt Bodnar’s website, Science of Success, for past episodes and show notes! Email Matt direct by sending your message to


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