BOP017 – How To Cash Out Big with Nina Kaufman

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BOP017 – How To Cash Out Big with Nina Kaufman

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How many times have you subscribed to a show, drawn in by a charismatic host or great content, only to wait longer and longer between episodes until the podcast disappears completely? Podcasters launch shows to create a community and build a business, but they often shut down due to a lack of funds or a lack of discipline.

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So how can you avoid an empty bank account while still running your podcast?

Today’s guest on Business of Podcasting is an expert in using podcasts to enhance her revenue and reputation, and she’s here to share her tips on digital sales, listener engagement, and the best way to keep your podcasting on schedule.

Nina Kaufman began her career as a business lawyer for entrepreneurs and has since built a reputation as a skilled writer, speaker, and champion for small businesses. Her company, Business Exponential, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs work less hours while generating more income, building a successful and secure future.

Nina’s Cash Out BIG podcast has not only connected her with new clients, but has increased her reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable coach. We are especially proud to have Nina on the show, as she is a loyal friend of the Podcast Motor team!

Episode Highlights:

  • How podcasting keeps Nina from being pigeonholed into one career
  • Giving independent and overlooked B2B companies a voice
  • Effective ways to engage with your audience and promote your podcast
  • The best social media to use to connect with listeners
  • How can you boost your income while working less hours? How digital sales helped Nina increase revenue
  • Getting your “technical engine” in place
  • Webinars/collaborating
  • Time and discipline: Nina’s advice for new podcasters
  • Why it’s important to post episodes on a weekly schedule


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