BOP018: Podcast Like a Pro with Rob Walch from Libsyn

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BOP018: Podcast Like a Pro with Rob Walch from Libsyn

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Here’s an experiment: Think about the podcasts you love the most. How many times have you visited their websites? Are the episodes polished to perfection or do they have a more organic production? Do you have to pay for the content? Our guest today is an expert on podcast hosting and advertising, and his philosophies on the industry will make you think of podcasting in a whole new way.

Rob Walch is a veteran podcaster and the Vice President of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, the world’s largest podcast network. Join us as we discuss how to monetize your show, publishing podcasts from your iPhone, and why you should never rely on WordPress.

Episode Highlights:

    • Monetizing your show
    • Premium content vs free content
    • Connecting your podcast to your blog
    • How can I drive traffic to my podcast website?
    • Apps and podcasting
    • Recording, editing, and publishing from an iOS device


  • The Feed: Libsyn’s official podcast about podcasting


  • Who should I host with? Picking a destination
  • Using WordPress for RSS feeds
  • Where is podcasting headed? Predictions for the future


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