Episode 10: Alex Haddox of Practical Defense

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Episode 10: Alex Haddox of Practical Defense

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Alex Haddox is my guest today on Podcastonomics.  Alex has a great story of revival in podcasting.  Currently on his 276th episode in the area of personal and home defense, Alex had a bit of a false start in optimizing his podcast to support the rest of his business.  In these earlier days Alex was big into seminars and using his podcast to build his brand to promote those live events.

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After a break in the show of 22 months in the show in which he expanded his web presence, Alex has revamped is podcasting methodology to better fit the new business model.  This has meant a shift in the publication schedule of Practical Defense, but also with the creation of a brand new show, called The Security Professionals Podcast.  The results of this show have been stellar for Alex already, even in its early days.

Alex has found the fit between audience, product, and their need for information tailored specifically to meet their problems.  This is the dream of most marketers, and podcasters specifically as well.  Alex now is in the throes of developing more online curriculum for his security guard audience and will begin distributing that soon.

In addition to using conventional podcasting syndication channels, Alex has found that using YouTube to distribute his podcast episodes as video files has proven to be very successful.  This takes just a small amount of time investment, but exposes his materials to an entirely new audience.  Content repurposing is great, and this is an excellent example of it done right.

To learn more about Alex and his to two shows, head over to practicaldefense.com and security-training-center.com/podcast.