Episode 11: Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo

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Episode 11: Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo

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Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer Evan Brand is my guest today on Podcastonomics.

Evan’s Not Just Paleo Podcast series has over 3 million downloads and more than 200 iTunes reviews.  At over 150 episodes, Evan has carved out a great niche in the health and fitness podcast category.  

Evan explains that his goal is to empower people and inform his audience about all sorts of different health topics.  He believes it’s important to be open to address any topic that relates to his field and bridges the gap.  He uses his podcasts as a way to interact with listeners and uses Youtube and an Instagram channel as additional marketing tools.

Evan offers his advice for podcasters and we talk about the things he thinks are important, including:

  • Why it’s a good idea to have your podcasts transcribed
  • The importance of consistency in posting your podcasts
  • The downfall of getting too caught up in other success of other podcasters
  • How not being authentic can cost you listeners

Check out Evan’s website and podcasts at notjustpaleo.com, and while you’re there be sure to check out his Stress Solutions book which Evan is now offering at no charge.