Episode 5: David Jackson from The School of Podasting

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The PodcastMotor Show
Episode 5: David Jackson from The School of Podasting

Today I welcome on the show David Jackson from The School of Podcasting. If you’ve been looking to hear from someone who’s been teaching podcasting for more than 5 years, then this is the episode for you.  As you’ll hear on the show today David is an expert in all things Podcasting, and regularly takes new clients of his from zero to huge successes in their podcasting ventures.

[podcast_motor_player url=”https://episodes.seriouslysimplepodcasting.com/PodcastMotorShow/005-Episode-5_-David-Jackson-from-The-School-of-Podasting.mp3″ title=”Episode 5: David Jackson from The School of Podasting”]

David has seen all types of podcasts be monetized, either directly or indirectly, and has some great insights for us on how to do that effectively either way.  Whether you’re looking to monetize your site with advertisements or looking to support an underlying business asset, David has seen the best practices from both worlds.

The technology of podcasting is constantly changing and as we wrap up the episode today David and I talk about one of those areas of the business that could allow for some great expansion:  Android.  iTunes is known to dominate the podcasting market, but venturing out of the Apple world sees a quick drop off in the technology available on these other platforms.

If you’re interested in learning more about David and his teachings, head over SchoolOfPodcasting.com and to hear some of David’s own podcasts, head over to PowerOfPodcasting.com.