Episode 7: Sean D’Souza of The 3 Month Vacation

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Episode 7: Sean D’Souza of The 3 Month Vacation

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Today I welcome Sean D’Souza to Podcastonomics.  Sean is a veteran podcaster, blogger, and marketer, and has taken his knowledge of the psychology of connecting with people directly to his show, The 3 Month Vacation.

[podcast_motor_player url=”https://episodes.seriouslysimplepodcasting.com/PodcastMotorShow/007_-Sean-D_Souza-of-The-3-Month-Vacation.mp3″ title=”Episode 7: Sean D’Souza of The 3 Month Vacation”]

This is one of the most insightful shows I’ve had to date about podcasting, and it really hits home with me about how reaching and engaging people effectively.  Sean is a master at marketing to people, and has taken that skill set over to podcasting in a unique way.  His show is like no other, by design, and keeps getting better all the time.

Sean says that the first step in creating the way you want to structure a show is to make a list of the things you like and don’t like about the type of show you want to create.  After you’ve cut out all of the things you don’t like, and be sure to include the things you do like, then you’re well on your way to a high quality show structure.  From there, just start recording episodes and iterate over time.  Learning by doing is the only way to go.

Having a unique voice, and staying true to it over time is the key to success, according to Sean.  A lot of people are guilty of bouncing around a topic.  Instead, have a laser focus on your viewpoint, and explore all of the aspects of that perspective.

Sean is giving away a really fantastic resource for all Podcastonomics listeners. One of the biggest thing all creatives have to overcome is getting past what Sean calls The Resistance.  That nagging voice in your head saying that you can’t do something new and difficult.  Sean has put together a great resource that we can all use to squash that voice and overcome The Resistance.  Head over to psychotactics.com/resistance to learn more.

If you want to learn more about Sean and the things he’s up to check out The 3 Month Vacation, visit him on his website, Psychotactics.com, or on Twitter @SeanDSouza.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an awesome podcast, like Sean’s, we’ve distilled everything we’ve learned from our customer work, all of the interviews on Podcastonomics, and being connected with the influencers in the Podcasting space.  This is all in a 2 week email course.  To sign up for this incredible free resource head over to podcastmotor.com/course.

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