Episode 9: Doug Sandler of Nice Guys on Business

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Episode 9: Doug Sandler of Nice Guys on Business

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Today I’m very excited to welcome Doug Sandler, bestselling author of Nice Guys on Business, and co-host of the Nice Guys on Business podcast.  Doug and his cohost on the show, Strickland Bonner, have built a fantastic brand around building businesses, relationships within those businesses, and culture at companies that people really enjoy participating in.

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As Doug and Strickland have found through their adventure in podcasting, having plenty of personality, and a high touch personal nature goes a long way to building a thriving culture.  This closely mirrors their experience in business consulting in their professional lives.  Companies finding a way to do this better and encourage this culture in their businesses

To learn more about Doug and both Nice Guys on Business and about the Nice Guys on Business Podcast head over to dougsandler.com or hit him up on Twitter @DJDoug.

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