Podcasting is taking the media world by storm. Just a few years ago a handful of early adopters got on the airwaves to cast their shows to the faithful followers on iTunes. Now in 2020 we are all excited to take part in this content medium, and the time has never been better.

But what about the time consuming process of setting up your show, establishing your feed, submitting to Apple Podcast? Not to mention the task of scheduling, recording, editing your shows, tagging the media files, finding that killer artwork, and all of the other time consuming tasks that take away from what your Job #1 should be…awesome content creation.

Here at PodcastMotor we solve that very problem for you.

We do all of the heavy lifting from the first step of setting up your show, to taking the recorded episode drafts, and publishing them on all of the major podcast networks. Taking all of the busy work out of your hands allows you, the show host, to focus on just the most important thing for your show: creating the most compelling shows out there!

Professional Audio Engineers

No first time rookies here. Our audio team has an average of 12 years experience with podcasting, live music, and post production work.

Show Note Writing

Every podcast has an action packed and informational set of show notes so that readers can have all the details of your episodes to refer to at a later time. 

ID3 Tagging and SEO

You want people to find and subscribe to your show, right? The best way to do that is have great discoverability in iTunes and other podcasting directories. 

Full Episode Transcriptions

A great bonus for podcasting is the opportunity to create a full transcript of each episode. Whether for the hearing impaired, those who would rather read vs. listen, or just the SEO value these are invaluable to a show.

Episode Publishing

We will schedule and publish your episodes to your media host and website for you. All that’s left for you to do is create great content and connect with your new listeners. Sound too good to be true?

Marketing Assets

We give you the tools and resources you need to effectively promote your podcast on-site and on social media. Audiograms, tweetable quotes, and a versatile summary of each episode.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying


Working with PodcastMotor was one of the best decisions we’ve made for The Startup Chat. Not only did we get featured in iTunes’ ‘New & Noteworthy’ but we’ve been catapulted from zero to top 10 business podcast in no time, and much of the credit is due to the support of Craig and his team. I’m not sure if Craig ever sleeps, because at whatever crazy hour I send him an email, I usually have a response 30 minutes later in my inbox. PodcastMotor has been consistently overdelivering, sharing tips and suggesting improvements to make the podcast even more successful. They take care of all the nitty gritty details AND the high-level strategic decisions to make your podcast more successful. With PodcastMotor, you don’t just get someone to “do podcasting services” for you, but instead you get an absolute A-team player on your team.
– Steli Efti and Hiten Shah – The Startup Chat

That Professional Touch For Your Podcast

The absolute best way to attract more listeners, and keep your existing audience engaged is to create great sounding audio every episode. Leaving this time intensive work to a team of professionals will ensure that your podcast sounds great every time. Trust me, your listeners will love you for it!

A Few More Kind Words From Our Amazing Customers

I am VERY pleased with the results of my first podcast job through PodcastMotor.com. The process was simple and the editing, sound quality, and show notes were excellent. I will be using the service again in the future for sure.
~ Spencer Haws, NichePursuits.com

Bootstrapped Web - PodcastMotor

Podcast Motor has delivered the perfect solution for the Bootstrapped Web show. Being able to just hit record and have everything else handled is exactly what we needed. Plus, the show notes, audio, and images have been spot on and our audience appreciates these details. We highly recommend Podcast Motor if you’re serious about your podcast!
~ Brian Casel and Jordan Gal, BootstrappedWeb.com

Still Have Questions?

We are podcasters ourselves, so we know how important a predictable publishing schedule is. We also know how important great sounding audio and beautiful show notes are to your podcast. For this reason we ask a full week turnaround time for each episode, start to finish.

Our experience with several different shows has led us to a great understanding of how to land your next show in the coveted “New and Noteworthy” page in iTunes. We absolutely can help you plan your launch, marketing, and outreach to get you there!

The Concierge package will cover 5 episodes per month. This usually is just over 1 per week, but we don’t want to limit you to a weekly schedule in case you want to stock pile episodes for future release.

100%, absolutely. If you are not overwhelmingly thrilled with the quality of our work we will refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Yes, absolutely. Launching a new show is an involved and delicate process. It involves planning, timing, coordination, and a good bit of know-how in podcasting. We’ve launched dozens of shows successfully, getting all of them into the New and Noteworthy section in iTunes. We can help you too. Check out our Launch Package for more info.

We do.  If you’d like to discuss a per-episode package that fits your needs send us a message and we’ll get right back with you to get things going.

Nope, you pay as long as you are enjoying the service. The day that changes you let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription. Again, no questions asked.

Absolutely. We have a staff of 6 professional audio engineers with a combined >100 years of experience. With a team this size we guarantee that your show will always go out on time and be handled by a professional. All of the coordination, posting, and show notes are handled by a separate staff of 5 that are expert writers and have a history in the radio industry.

Are PodcastMotor Services Right For You?

Would I recommend Craig and Podcast Motor? Hell yes! Where is your time most valuable? Craig focuses on your podcast so you can focus on running your business. If you’re serious about using your podcast to build your business, your brand, and your online audience, Craig’s concierge service is a no-brainer.
~ Kai Davis, DoubleYourAudience.com

Put your podcast on autopilot with a team of trusted podcasting professionals.