We all want to podcast, but for many of us the time, expertise, equipment, and (honestly) hassle of it all just seems like too much. 

As a business owner the last thing you should be focusing on is learning how to use Adobe Audition or the intricacies of a podcast RSS feed. Your time should be focused working on growing your business, connecting with your audience, and building that customer base.

That’s where PodcastMotor was born, and what our mission is every day: Enable busy professionals to podcast without being involved of the details of post production work.

We take every aspect of podcasting off of your plate, so you can focus on the things that are highest value for you in your business.

Here's What Working With PodcastMotor Looks Like

1. Record Your Podcast Episode

We strongly feel that the most value added part of the entire podcasting process is you creating the original content and connecting with your guests.

For most all of our customers this is the only step in the entire podcasting process they regularly need to be involved in.

2. Send Us The Episode Files

Once your episode resources have been recorded just place those in our shared Dropbox folder and you’re all set.  

Our internal team of professional audio engineers, show note writers, transcriptionists and production managers create a great sounding podcast episode.

3. We Handle Everything Else

Our team takes a few days to prepare each podcast episode, and when it’s ready you can review the audio and show notes and request any revisions that you might have.  

Or just set it on Autopilot and we’ll publish each episode for you to your website and media hosting platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask to have one full week (7 calendar days) to finish a podcast episode. This includes all the audio editing, show note writing, transcription, and time for you to review the episode and request any revisions you’d like.

Most of our team has been working on with us for several years they have a good ear for what should (and shouldn’t) be in an episode. We take some creative direction but tend to err on the side of keeping content in an episode rather than taking something out that could be beneficial for your audience.

We’re always open to your input when it comes to what stays and what needs to go from an episode.

We keep things simple and stick to email, since it’s something that everyone knows and uses.

You can send us a note with each episode with any editing notes, special requirements you might have, or links you particularly want to include.

Get a beautiful sounding podcast, every time

Stop wasting time on things that are not value added to your business and entrust your podcast to a team of seasoned professional that will see every aspect of your podcast through, from start to finish